Unstoppable Power

Ancient rivalries as old as man have steeped the Iron Kingdoms in a centuries-old tradition of war, its nations locked in a continual battle for supremacy. Commanding the forces of their nations are the warcasters—elite battle-mages who possess the singular ability to command the titanic steam-powered automatons known as warjacks. Their consciousness magically linked, the warcaster and her warjacks possess the power of a small army. When leading an army, they are unstoppable.

In WARMACHINE, you will take control of a warcaster and an army of devastating warjacks and soldiers in this action-packed tabletop miniatures game set in the steam-powered fantasy world of the Iron Kingdoms.


Five powerful Factions wage the wars that engulf the Iron Kingdoms: imperialistic and conquest-driven Khador; heroic Cygnar, with its cutting-edge technology; the zealous Protectorate of Menoth; the reclusive and vengeful Retribution of Scyrah; and the undead Nightmare Empire of Cryx. Bolstering the forces of these Factions are countless mercenaries, drawn from all corners of the continent to profit from the endless conflicts. Other nations beyond the Iron Kingdoms have also entered the fray—ancient and inhuman races, some who ally with the human Factions and others who would see humanity destroyed.